EngD Centres

Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments

University of Reading

TSBE.jpgThis centre focuses on research for the development and application of sustainable construction, renewable energy applications and energy management technologies, including their economic and social impacts. Attention also extends to the way in which the adoption and use of such technologies can be enhanced through procurement and other policy levers. In particular, research in the centre will be focused on two complementary themes: sustainable building and services systems; and energy management in buildings and infrastructure systems.

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(10 December 2018) - Vladimirs Horjkovs has been appointed the new researcher representative on the steering group of the…

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(30 June 2018) - STREAM alumnus Alemayehu Shitaye (Alex) Asfaw has won an International Water Association Project Innovation…

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Sample TSBE Newsletters:

TSBE newsletter 2012

Latest from the TSBE blog
13 June 2018
University of Reading June 2018 The University of Reading Students Union (RUSU) have awarded Jenny Berger, the manager of the Technologies for Sustainable Built Environment Research Centre (TSBE), the Support Staff Excellence Award at this year’s RU…