Ed Carter

Incorporated (current research engineer)

I am a Research Engineer at Swansea University studying to attain my Doctorate of Engineering; a four year engineering research higher degree. I am currently in the penultimate year researching materials and their weldability with TATA Steel UK. 

My passion for research and development, drive and attention to detail has earned a reputation for excellence in all of my project areas. I have a keen desire to expand my academic and industrial knowledge, whilst backing it up with real world, hands-on experience. I have actively looked to break down barriers in my research activities by extending my business networks professionally and with determination. Parallel to all the above there is also the mentoring, supervision and assistance of junior research engineers, masters-level and undergraduate students with their research.

Current work in hand seeks to; through the use of CAE simulation, Gleeble 3500 simulations welding trials and fatigue tests, to assess and define new advanced ultra-high strength steel grades coupled with innovative joining mechanisms. This will be used to develop a novel CAE durability technique to assess the effect of these new steel grades on the fatigue life of components in relation to their properties, capabilities and performance. The real-world effect of this research will be stronger, lighter, more durable automotive underbody structures to achieve the next generation of low carbon emission vehicles.

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September 12, 2012