Loughborough EngD research wins civil engineering award

(9 June 2014) - EngD research work at Loughborough University, on corrosion management and repair of reinforced concrete, has won an award from the Institution of Civil Engineers.

The project, Corrosion Management and Repair of Reinforced Concrete Structures, was Highly Commended in the Studies & Research category at the Institution of Civil Engineers East Midlands Merit Awards (EMMAs) on Friday night.

CICE-150pix-square.jpgThe research involved Dr Chris Goodier and Prof Simon Austin from Loughborough University, Dr Christian Christodoulou and Mr John Webb from AECOM, and Gareth Glass from Concrete Preservation Technologies, and was conducted as part of the School's Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Construction Engineering (CICE) Engineering Doctorate programme.

This research project on the Corrosion Management and Repair of Reinforced Concrete Structures provided for the first time rigorous scientific evidence on the long-term performance of the most popular corrosion management techniques for structures in the UK. Uniquely, it investigated and examined full-scale bridge structures, and brought industry-wide collaboration with major asset owners such as the Highways Agency. Dr Chris Goodier, Senior Lecturer, said:

“the findings form the basis for a more sustainable management of our critical infrastructure assets by extending their service life and deferring maintenance through monitoring and preventative intervention planning. The findings have also contributed to design standards such as ISO BS EN 12696:2012”.

The work can be downloaded here.