AEngD publishes submission to QAA consultation

(23 April 2015) - The AEngD has published its submission to a consultation held by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), seeking the removal of the EngD from the 'professional doctorate' category, preferring an 'integrated doctorate' description instead.

The Association of Engineering Doctorates (AEngD) again highlighted that the EngD constitutes a form of academia-industry collaboration that not only generates new knowledge, but also enhances knowledge exchange between industry / business and academia. EngD programmes enhance human capital development by delivering post-graduates with leadership, management, and advanced technical skills, focused on the needs of industry.

It recommended that the QAA should consider renaming the ‘Integrated PhD’ catogory as ‘Integrated Doctorate’, and list the EngD under this sub-heading rather than under the award title of ‘Professional and practice-based (or practitioner) doctorates’.

The AEngD also suggested that reference to EngDs be made under Integrated Doctorate (PhD, DPhil, EngD), suggesting:

The Engineering Doctorate is the industry focused analogue of the Integrated PhD or DPhil, displaying the main characteristics of an integrated PhD .... The EngD is the doctoral level research programme for STEM subject graduates who aim to build and develop their career in industry.

Read the full document here.